Ultrasonic Technology for Chip Interconnection
Transducer Test System
Optical Displacement Measurement System
Optical Displacement Measurement System
(for K&S ball bond machines)
Bond Force Calibration System
(for F&K Delvotec bond machines)
Ultrasonic Transducer
Ultrasonic Transducer
Ultrasonic Transducer
Heavy wire- & Diebond-Transducer
Ultrasonic Transducer
Digital Ultrasonic Generator
(fine wire)
Digital Ultrasonic Generator
(heavy/thick wire- & diebond)
Digital Ultrasonic Generator
(heavy wire, thick ribbon & diebond)
Digital Ultrasonic Generator
(plug-in cards & complete devices)
Customized Solutions

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News & Events
Latest news
Potsdam, March 2023

Information about trade shows updated.

Technical documents added: Comparison UUG-140 against discontinued UUG-040-S, please see product page.

Potsdam, December 2022

We are pleased to announce that the UUG-140, the successor to the proven UUG-040, is the first member of our new UUG-1xx generator family to be released.

Potsdam, November 2022

Our tentative show plan 2023 can be seen under "Trade show update".

Potsdam, February 2022
PTP Transducer serie

We proudly announce the release of the first members of our new Ultrasonic Power-Transducer series. Available working frequencies are approximately 35 kHz and 44 kHz.

Trade show update

NEPCON Tokyo and SEMICON Korea will start soon. We will be there as visitors this year.
The show date for SEMICON China has been changed.

Show calender 2023

2023, Mar 22 to Mar 24
New date:
2023, Jun 29 to Jul 1
Shanghai, China
PCIM Nürnberg
2023, May 9 to May 11
Nuremberg, Germany
2023, Jul 11 to Jul 13
San Francisco, CA - USA
2023, Sep 6 to Sep 8
Taipei, Taiwan
2023, Nov 14 to Nov 17
Munich, Germany
F&K Physiktechnik GmbH
About us
Mike Kölling Since 2002 F&K Physiktechnik GmbH Potsdam has been developing and manufacturing products and processes that are used worldwide for chip interconnection in microelectronic production.

Building Potsdam

F&K Physiktechnik GmbH focuses on ultrasound technology

Our customers apply our generators and transducers for their projects in ultrasonic wire bonding and ultrasonic die bonding.

In addition, we offer unique measurement technology for characterizing and optimally setting up ultrasonic systems in bonding machines.

System supplier for all users of ultrasonic bonding technology.

Product and service overview
Ultrasonic Transducer
Ultrasonic Transducer for all bonding technologies

More Information

Digital Ultrasonic Generators
Optimally adapted ultrasonic frequencies and powers for all bonding technologies
(also for transducers from other manufacturers)

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Transducer Test System
Worldwide unique measurement system to determine the electrical properties of every ultrasonic transducer

Standard tool for checking the production equipment

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Optical Displacement Measurement System - ODS-Series
Determine the vibration amplitude and frequency of the bonding tool by non-contact measurement

Vibration amplitude based calibration of the bonding machine for perfect machine matching

Ideal extension to the Transducer Test System

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Bond Force Calibratioon System
Static and dynamic bond force measurements

Communication interface to F&K Delvotec wire bonders for automatic bond force calibration

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Your service provider with many years of expertise in ultrasound in wire and die bonding

Experience in the development and production of digital ultrasound systems for chip interconnection since 1996

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Bi-directional Alignment Laser
The tool for quick and easy alignment of optical experiments,
especially for experiments outside the visible spectrum

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